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Pizzeria and Trattoria

Offers great value traditional Italian cuisine going back to farm freshness for it’s ingredients, from fresh picked vegetables, to free range chickens and natural farm raised meats sourced though out Thailand.

where Alberto was a common name among Italian farming community and brings with it the values of fresh, simple but great tasting cuisine for everyone. The Italian culture embedded with these principle offers simple, fresh home style cooking, using fresh produce from the land around them, this lifestyle gave inspiration for Alberto’s Pizzeria & Trattoria.

The story of Alberto’s reflects the farming culture in the 1940’s
in Italy


In Alberto’s, this tradition embedded into our culture, we use farm fresh ingredients and We proudly introduce Chef Paolo Collavini. He was born in Como City in Italy where it’s popular about art, garden and cuisine. These values were embedded in his personality and his cooking approach, offering flavorsome meals that everyone can enjoy, with his 42 years’ experience of cooking among 5 Star hotels, free-standing restaurants and cruise. To represent this menu “Green tagliolini with shrimp and sundried tomato” a Traditional Calabrian pasta (south Italy) where sundried are produced.


Deep rooted in Albertos values, is offering great value for the people and great food, and the menu reflects this. You can expect great quality traditional Italian food at a great price, making it perfect for couple, family dining or groups for every day dining.


Bringing Alberto’s Pizzeria and Trattoria to Rangsit brings with it a new approach to Italian dining for the people, a new place to sit back and enjoy great tasting food and wine, or sit back in the bar like its your home and watch the latest sports broadcast while having some bar bites in a warm and welcoming atmosphere

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